My Favorite Oral Health Products Of The Year

Good oral hygiene is definitely connected with overall health:

If you have not realized the importance of oral hygiene yet it is time because scientists across the world are today associating bad oral health with other problems such as heart attacks, diabetes and its many complications and a spurt in the condition called pre term labor which is the occurrence of the labor pains even before the term of pregnancy gets completed.

The cosmetic benefits are a great motivation too:

If you are not too scared about the future implications of bad teeth, then probably you would be worried about how bad mouth hygiene can mar your looks and the most beautiful asset – your ‘smile’ permanently. I remember how shy I used to be in middle school and literally be scared to open my mouth to talk to people because of my bad looking teeth.

It’s been a regretful journey:

Yes, I do carry regret because I wish I had cared enough for my teeth back then. Then probably I would not have had to wear dentures as early as in my late forties itself. Some of my friends from school who were impeccable with their oral hygiene still have their pearly whites intact and I admire them for their radiant smile.

Dentures and problems galore:

After so many years, now I am okay with the dentures that I wear but there is this nagging problem of my dentures becoming slightly loose almost every six months. The doctor attributes it to the changing shape of my mouth and face. But he has prescribed this wonderful denture glue which I never tire to recommend to my other friends. I love my new denture glue because of which I hardly come across as wearing them. Only the other day at the park, a young lady complemented that my teeth looked in perfect health! I am so glad I came to know about it and used it. Thank you Doc!

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