Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Taking BCAA Supplements

BCAAs are crucial in helping you combat the soreness of muscles after a heavy workout as well as to rebuild the worn out and strained muscles. Here are the mistakes you should not perform while you take a BCAA supplement.

Ignoring the amount of protein you eat:

BCAAs are only supplements. They should in no way prevent you from taking your regular protein rich diet. You should also consume the other protein sources so that your body gets all the essential amino acids in the right blend.

Choosing complex BCAAs with a lot of added ingredients:

Be it to add to the flavor or the taste, some BCAAs come with a lot of added ingredients. These are not the ones that you should be taking. For example, if you find any that come with even traces of added sugars or caffeine, avoid these and go for all natural BCAA powder or capsules.

Focusing on only one amino acid:

Though leucine is the most important among the other amino acids included in most BCAAs, this alone would not help build your muscles. A healthy mix of all the right amino acids is what you need. So, steer clear of those that contain leucine alone.

An improper mix of whey protein and BCAAs:

There are some whey protein mixes in the market that come with BCAAs in them. But not all of them are great. Among the other protein supplements, whey proteins are different. They have a complicated structure in them. Though some protein powders that come with BCAAs mixed in them would be convenient, these are not the best way to consume them. Isolated and free BCAAs that are not bonded with the other protein molecules are the most effective ones.

So, even if you have the best BCAA in the market, make sure that you take it the right way and avoid these common mistakes to get the best results.

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