Meet The Doctor Of The Hour-Cosmetic Dentist In Sidcup

As our suburb is gearing up to celebrate the Dental week, we have organized a special ‘meet the doctor’ program for its citizens.  He is an experienced oral-maxillofacial surgeon and an expert in managing diseases associated with head, neck, face, jaws and oral tissues. The good news is that he is not only a dental surgeon, but has also proved his credentials as a skilled cosmetic facial surgeon.

Personally about the doctor

The doctor was born and brought up in Sidcup. He completed his schoolings in Sidcup and his parents were also residents here until he took up an advanced research course in London.  He has returned to our town now and is planning to open a multi-specialty dental clinic with special center for facial cosmetics. Yes, he is here to be the first cosmetic dentist in Sidcup from our locality.

Academic credentials

After completing his post graduation in dentistry, he took up the super specialty course of oral-maxillofacial surgery. He proved himself as an experienced surgeon in the field and further pursued research in the field of facial cosmetics and cosmetic regeneration. He has over 30 research papers published in renowned medical journals of high impact factor. He plans to continue his research besides being a cosmetic dentist in Sidcup.

How the event will benefit the citizens

It is one-to-one interaction program where all are invited. The people interested in trying out his dental clinic services can enquire more details regarding the treatments and schedules. He will give a detailed lecture about his plan for Sidcup as well as the new methods of cosmetic treatment. Medical aspirants are free to consult him regarding the prospects in the course, further super specialties available, how good the exposures are and future developments to be expected.

Entry is absolutely free for all the residents of Sidcup. Just don’t forget to carry your identity card for the one-day long program.

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