The Need For A Sanitation Consultant

The Need For A Sanitation Consultant

We are not only under attack from nature in the form of earthquakes, hurricanes, and tropical storms but also fromman-made factors like exposure to food products laced with pesticides, plastics and hazardous chemicals. Unscrupulous industries and manufacturing units which do not give importance to hygienic practices are the reason for this sad state of affairs. It is no surprise that there have been several cases of worms being found in completely packed chocolates. The lack of personal ethical values has prompted the need for a sanitation consultant.

The role of this individual does not limit to surveying manufacturing units for cleanliness but also includes understanding the working of food plants. It is their prerogative to ensure that there are no disease carrying factors like rodents and pests present in any plants where food is manufactured. They must ensure that there is no parasitic infestation, adequate cleaning facilities are provided and cleaning practices are adhered to during the packing and preparation of food products.

Their role also includes inspection of food labeling, storage and warehouse condition, the expertise of the personnel at work and the cleanliness and hygienic practices adopted by these people. The construction of the plant and the condition of the equipment and utensils used during preparing.

I recommend this sanitation consultant who takes the responsibility of discussing with the management of the various techniques that need to be adopted to ensure the food meets the standards of safety recommended by the regulatory board of the region.

This individual will also determine any deficiencies in the plant and recommend programs to rectify these faults. He/she will ensure that the employees are provided sufficient training to identify any anomalies in the system.

And finally, a good sanitation consultant will aid the management in implementing all the aforesaid changes and also help in building a positive picture of the firm while also promoting the need for preventive sanitation that pertains to food safety on the whole.