This Is Why You Should Never Overlook Routine Carpet Cleaning


We are so constantly worried about keeping our homes clean and warm. The problem happens when the kids leave the doors open and pollen and other irritants enter the home. Also the minute food particles that drop down from our plates and hands can also get trapped in the dining area carpet. Additionally, dust mites and cobwebs and other insects can also make their home in the warm base of the carpet.

The bigger problem however is that when these insects and other micro organisms like bacteria and mold start living in the carpet, it is not immediately evident. Most of the times the problem surfaces only when the damage is done and is too late to undo the damage.

How often do carpets and tiles need to be deep cleaned:

Although experts believe that a deep cleaning of the carpets and the tile floors especially where the tiles are joined is ideally to be done at least once every six months., they defer in their opinion that if regular cleaning is done once r twice in a week using a vacuum then the deep cleaning can be postponed to up to a year.

Who is at the maximum risk?

The maximum risk is for seniors and the young children in the house. Children tend to spend a lot of times on or near the floor and this make them particularly prone to skin infection because of a micro bacterial attack or bites form insects that are hiding in the carpet tufts and procreating causing more and more harm.

The symptoms that you must watch out for:

  1. Aggravation of rashes or allergies;
  2. Irritation in throat or the respiratory tract;
  3. Burning or watering from eyes;
  4. Burning or itching inside the nose;
  5. Cold and flu that is caught more often resulting in weaker immune system and
  6. General lethargy where you have no will to do any work.

If you find these symptoms occurring too often and it’s some time since you called in a carpet cleaner in your Vegas home, call immediately, waste no more time.