Here Is Why I Make It A Point To Go Everyday

B1959 1          Here Is Why I Make It A Point To Go Everyday

I literally had to push myself in the beginning:

When we are talking about fitness and health, you must see everybody’s eyes roll. It is their way of saying that they have been guilty of lately not hitting the gym or not taking that extra effort to beat the inertia that sets in after a rather hard day at work or even after a short trip!

It is natural, I must say. After all, who wants to keep working hard all the time; first at the office for eight hours and then at the gym for another couple of hours straining and losing out all the last bit f energy that you may have?

Wait a minute; did I say spending the last bit of energy? This is perhaps the biggest misconception that we have abut exercising that stops us from taking one of the best decisions of our lives and daily. We do not hit the gym because we feel that at the end of a tiring day we will feel more tired after we are back from there.

But believe me if you can, this is the farthest from the truth.

When I started aerobics at the local place, I had thousand and one excuses to not make it to the class but gradually I realized that once I gave in willingly there and made it a point inspite of the inviting couch and that TV series back home I realized that I was actually enjoying this period. It relaxed not only my body but also my mind. The nerves that were overworked were soothed and I was beginning to be more at peace with myself.

It was addictive:

The routine started growing on me and I became convinced that it was definitely doing me loads of good than bad. I was getting more efficient around my work and was having a regular sleep and wake up pattern. My sex life was significantly improving and I could attribute all these positive changes only because I had added this lovely habit of exercising into my routine.


The Need For A Sanitation Consultant

The Need For A Sanitation Consultant

We are not only under attack from nature in the form of earthquakes, hurricanes, and tropical storms but also fromman-made factors like exposure to food products laced with pesticides, plastics and hazardous chemicals. Unscrupulous industries and manufacturing units which do not give importance to hygienic practices are the reason for this sad state of affairs. It is no surprise that there have been several cases of worms being found in completely packed chocolates. The lack of personal ethical values has prompted the need for a sanitation consultant.

The role of this individual does not limit to surveying manufacturing units for cleanliness but also includes understanding the working of food plants. It is their prerogative to ensure that there are no disease carrying factors like rodents and pests present in any plants where food is manufactured. They must ensure that there is no parasitic infestation, adequate cleaning facilities are provided and cleaning practices are adhered to during the packing and preparation of food products.

Their role also includes inspection of food labeling, storage and warehouse condition, the expertise of the personnel at work and the cleanliness and hygienic practices adopted by these people. The construction of the plant and the condition of the equipment and utensils used during preparing.

I recommend this sanitation consultant who takes the responsibility of discussing with the management of the various techniques that need to be adopted to ensure the food meets the standards of safety recommended by the regulatory board of the region.

This individual will also determine any deficiencies in the plant and recommend programs to rectify these faults. He/she will ensure that the employees are provided sufficient training to identify any anomalies in the system.

And finally, a good sanitation consultant will aid the management in implementing all the aforesaid changes and also help in building a positive picture of the firm while also promoting the need for preventive sanitation that pertains to food safety on the whole.


Jump Higher – Aim Higher – Shoes That Make Verticals Seem Easy

Jump Higher – Aim Higher – Shoes That Make Verticals Seem Easy

Slam dunking is legendary in Basketball. The best players of the game had the ability to slam dunk. Every basketball aspirant aspires to be able to do great vertical jumps and dunks with ease and style. So, it is natural to look for shoes that give you the edge when jumping and dunking. But hey! Wait a minute! Are there really shoes which can make you jump higher? Apart from adequate practice, good health, and stamina, you require shoes that give you the extra bounce, shoes that make slam dunk easy.

Shoes that propel your vertical jump and give you that much-needed bounce should possess the following qualities:

  • A comfortable yet tight, snug fit.
  • The shoes must give you high traction and grip. A comfortable shoe alone is not enough; shoes that slip won’t work and increase the risk of injuries. Shoes that have good traction, hold your feet securely propelling your vertical jump higher with confidence and assurance.
  • The sole of the shoe must be hard and stiff. Cushioning can make your feet feel comfortable, but dunking is all about jumping and shoving the ball right through the hoop. The stiff sole that gives you the confidence to jump and grip the ground is what slam dunking requires.

Nowadays, there are athletic propulsion shoes which promise to make a player’s vertical jump to increase. Whether, they can actually increase the jumping height is still a matter of debate.

So, when choosing a basketball shoe, keep your style in mind. With advance in shoe manufacturing technology and the research that goes into making of the perfect playing shoes, there is a lot of variety to choose from.  Do a bit of research and consult the experts, before you buy yourself an expensive pair. Happy slam dunking!


How To Stay Healthy In 5 Simple Ways

Health and fitness are not options that life gives you. They are quintessential to living a good life. They are more important than working for long hours and not taking care of yourself because what is the point of earning so much money if you end up falling sick every often? Modern day lives are mostly spent in cubicles and in front of screens. Sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest contributors to lifestyle disorders. How can you that you can stay healthy while also doing justice to your busy schedule?

  • Balanced diet

This plays the most important role in keeping you healthy. A diet that contains protein, vitamins, minerals and enough fiber is what will keep you going without making you feel drowsy and exhausted at the end of the day. Have green, leafy vegetables, fruits, lean protein, pulses and salads. Avoid junk and processed food as far as possible.

  • Active lifestyle

It is true that we seem to spend more time sitting at one place than we should ideally do. However, there are ways in which we can keep ourselves active after our work is done. Brisk walking or jogging every day can keep us active. If working out is not on your charts, try taking the stairs at work as often as possible.

  • Keep yourself hydrated

This cannot be emphasized upon enough. Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking at least 4 liters of water every day is essential to avoid issues like constipation, indigestion etc. It will also help you to prevent skin problems like acne and dry skin that result from continuous exposure to the air-conditioner.

  • Rest

When all is done and dusted, ensure that you have a peaceful sleep every night. If you suffer from insomnia or sleeplessness, try staying away from screens before going to bed. Eight hours of sleep is considered a healthy cycle.

It’s In Your Gut

Everyone wants to be skinny and fit. While new age dieticians and fitness experts will tell you that fitness and good health isn’t in the proportions of your body but in what you eat and how your body functions. An ideal body should be like a well-oiled machine. All processes running perfectly and in complete sync. However, we all know that it is extremely rare to come across human beings who have never fallen sick a day in their lives!

Food matters

One of the most important aspects of fitness and good health is food. And the better food you’re eating, the better off you are in terms of being at your optimum self. The goal of a good diet is to also include dietary fibre so that your digestive system is functioning at 100%. If you gut isn’t working properly, you can expect a slew of health issues to follow it. A healthy digestive system means your body has plenty of probitics, or good bacteria. However, if you’re low on probiotics, then you might need supplements to help you with that.


Another aspect of fitness and weight loss is the intake of supplements. While consuming supplements however we must be aware of one thing – supplements are not a substitute for food. Eating a healthy diet and taking supplements to boost your levels of protein, vitamins and minerals is a balanced approach to your health.

Weight loss supplements make a lot of promises and while  some of them actually have a scientific approach to the whole process of burning fat, some of them are based on quack research and science. If you want a good idea about what you should be doing about weight loss supplements, you can check this out – you get amazing probiotics for weight loss here.


Remember to eat well and exercise regularly so that you lose weight at a consistent pace. The key to a better quality of life is a healthy gut and a healthy diet which helps your gut function optimally. Weight loss can come after you’ve ensured that your body is getting everything it needs to help you out!

This Is Why You Should Never Overlook Routine Carpet Cleaning


We are so constantly worried about keeping our homes clean and warm. The problem happens when the kids leave the doors open and pollen and other irritants enter the home. Also the minute food particles that drop down from our plates and hands can also get trapped in the dining area carpet. Additionally, dust mites and cobwebs and other insects can also make their home in the warm base of the carpet.

The bigger problem however is that when these insects and other micro organisms like bacteria and mold start living in the carpet, it is not immediately evident. Most of the times the problem surfaces only when the damage is done and is too late to undo the damage.

How often do carpets and tiles need to be deep cleaned:

Although experts believe that a deep cleaning of the carpets and the tile floors especially where the tiles are joined is ideally to be done at least once every six months., they defer in their opinion that if regular cleaning is done once r twice in a week using a vacuum then the deep cleaning can be postponed to up to a year.

Who is at the maximum risk?

The maximum risk is for seniors and the young children in the house. Children tend to spend a lot of times on or near the floor and this make them particularly prone to skin infection because of a micro bacterial attack or bites form insects that are hiding in the carpet tufts and procreating causing more and more harm.

The symptoms that you must watch out for:

  1. Aggravation of rashes or allergies;
  2. Irritation in throat or the respiratory tract;
  3. Burning or watering from eyes;
  4. Burning or itching inside the nose;
  5. Cold and flu that is caught more often resulting in weaker immune system and
  6. General lethargy where you have no will to do any work.

If you find these symptoms occurring too often and it’s some time since you called in a carpet cleaner in your Vegas home, call immediately, waste no more time.

All About Hair Replacement Therapy

For people who are quite young but losing their hair, hair transplantation may not be a solution. It will be better to opt for alternatives which can offer cosmetic improvement till the time one is ready for transplantation.

Many times, people hesitate to opt for a surgery and they want to prefer a non-surgical option for hair replacement. In that case, hair replacement in Glasgow can be a great option for you.

Your hair loss condition can be improved if you focus on proper intake of nutrition. Also, if you have a stressful job, then figure out a solution to reduce your stress levels. At times, hair loss is caused if a person has deficiency of vitamins or if he is suffering from some illness. So treating his illness can also result into growing back of hairs.

One can use a lot of hair replacement products which can provide camouflage for thinning hair. This can help in giving a fullness appearance to the scalp which has thin hair. This can be done in various ways. Some products can be directly applied on the scalp so that the bald scalp cannot be seen under the thin hair. Some replacement products are basically fibers that are attached to hair for giving it a bulk look. These camouflage products can be found in wide range of colors so that it matches to the natural hairs of a person.

Laser Therapy

Hair Replacement can be also done by laser therapy. Its success rate varies from individual to individual. This therapy does not cause any pain while restoring hairs. In this procedure, the laser light is absorbed by hair follicle cells which can be helpful in stimulating growth and repair. If you are in initial phase of hair loss then this can be the best treatment for you. Usually, such therapies are done many times in a week that requires minimum fifteen minutes. There are no side effects of a laser therapy.

A Man’s Secret Formula To Manliness

A man is a man on the bed because of his this secret formula, the Testosterone. It is, in fact, a magic that makes the male hormones work and perform well on the bed. It helps in burning fat, better and enhanced performance on the bed, increases libido and the stability and stamina to hold longer on the bed with the spouse and on the whole, a complete and overall health improvement. But do all men have the required levels of this testosterone? No, there are people who are deficient in this; in fact, the majority of the population is running short which ultimately ends up in a bad or unsatisfied performance on the bed and at the same time ends up in a disappointment at the receiving end too. But this is not a permanent or an incurable problem. There are many ways in which this situation or condition could be set right.

Below is a list of some of the best ways to increase testosterone levels naturally in a male.

  • Eat fat to improve testosterone – contradictory to your diet plan right? Gone are those days which said that high-fat would lead to blocks in the heart and other health problems. Studies and research say that a hi-fat food or meal would significantly improve the testosterone levels in the male.
  • Include cholesterol – again this might be conflicting with your strict food regime. But understand that testosterone levels could be improved with this much-avoided content in food. It all depends on what type of fat or cholesterol you intake but otherwise, they are very good for the overall healthy living.
  • No extended workouts – long hours of workouts might make your body look well built and strong but understand that this might have an adverse effect on the testosterone levels. Extended workouts might shoot up the cortisol level in the body there by hitting the testosterone levels to go down badly. So reduce the time of your workout, break them into different intervals.

Tips To Choose A Good Beauty Salon

Whether you are looking to get a beauty service or a wellness treatment, choosing a beauty salon is the first crucial step. There might be lots of beauty parlors around you but how do you know which one would suit you best? Here are few tips to pick the right beauty parlor or wellness clinic:

  1. Know the assortment of services offered:

Even if you are sure about what you are looking for knowing the other services offered by the beauty clinic would be essential. This can help you choose a mix of services to be opted for on the same day. This can save you a lot of time and reduce the number of trips to the beauty clinic. Some salons might also offer combo offers. So when you choose a whole package consisting of more than one beauty service it can help you save a little money every time you go.

  1. Price chart comparison:

Check for the pricing of the beauty services. If there are trained professionals offering the best services then it might be worth the money paid. But still you might not want something with sky-high prices. Some salons might offer membership plans that can help you save for every service and every visit. Also signup for newsletters so that you would be intimated when there is any running promotion.

  1. Proximity to your home and office:

Location of the beauty parlor matters as this would determine the cost and time incurred in travelling to the clinic. If you choose something close to your office you could get an appointment that falls during your lunch hour or on your way back home. You would definitely not want to spend all your leisure time in the travel and be tired by the time you get back home. Check also the other factors like the parking facilities.


Select The Right Back Stretcher And Have A Healthy Back

Looking for the perfect back stretcher to help you stretch your spine and reduce all those pain? There are a number of varieties to choose from in the market and these back stretchers can help everyone, be it a young person suffering from a back injury or an old person suffering from chronic back pain.

The spine is an important part of the body and not keeping this healthy and fit can result in a number of health problems than just plain back pain. Hence it is important to stretch the back and keep it in good health.

How To Select

When there are a lot of varieties to choose from, it is natural for one to get confused. Especially since one model may work for one and not for the other. Here is a checklist to help you find the best back stretcher to suit your needs:

  • Check with a therapist or the store owner to know the various features and benefits of the model you are considering. What works out for your friend or partner may not necessarily work out for you.
  • There are many back stretchers, ranging from a simple arched piece of wood to the more sophisticated ones with cushion and lumbar support. When you try them out, narrow down your search to the ones that make you feel comfortable rather than what is expensive or highly recommended
  • Many of these stretchers are adjustable. It is better to go in for one that can be stretched as it gives you more flexibility and can also be used by more than one person in the house
  • Find a stretcher that can work on both the lower and upper back. Though you may have discomfort in just the lower back, as you stretch and strengthen the lower back, the upper back will require attention too. Hence it is better to invest in one that can take care of both.