A Man’s Secret Formula To Manliness

A man is a man on the bed because of his this secret formula, the Testosterone. It is, in fact, a magic that makes the male hormones work and perform well on the bed. It helps in burning fat, better and enhanced performance on the bed, increases libido and the stability and stamina to hold longer on the bed with the spouse and on the whole, a complete and overall health improvement. But do all men have the required levels of this testosterone? No, there are people who are deficient in this; in fact, the majority of the population is running short which ultimately ends up in a bad or unsatisfied performance on the bed and at the same time ends up in a disappointment at the receiving end too. But this is not a permanent or an incurable problem. There are many ways in which this situation or condition could be set right.

Below is a list of some of the best ways to increase testosterone levels naturally in a male.

  • Eat fat to improve testosterone – contradictory to your diet plan right? Gone are those days which said that high-fat would lead to blocks in the heart and other health problems. Studies and research say that a hi-fat food or meal would significantly improve the testosterone levels in the male.
  • Include cholesterol – again this might be conflicting with your strict food regime. But understand that testosterone levels could be improved with this much-avoided content in food. It all depends on what type of fat or cholesterol you intake but otherwise, they are very good for the overall healthy living.
  • No extended workouts – long hours of workouts might make your body look well built and strong but understand that this might have an adverse effect on the testosterone levels. Extended workouts might shoot up the cortisol level in the body there by hitting the testosterone levels to go down badly. So reduce the time of your workout, break them into different intervals.

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