Meet The Doctor Of The Hour-Cosmetic Dentist In Sidcup

As our suburb is gearing up to celebrate the Dental week, we have organized a special ‘meet the doctor’ program for its citizens.  He is an experienced oral-maxillofacial surgeon and an expert in managing diseases associated with head, neck, face, jaws and oral tissues. The good news is that he is not only a dental surgeon, but has also proved his credentials as a skilled cosmetic facial surgeon.

Personally about the doctor

The doctor was born and brought up in Sidcup. He completed his schoolings in Sidcup and his parents were also residents here until he took up an advanced research course in London.  He has returned to our town now and is planning to open a multi-specialty dental clinic with special center for facial cosmetics. Yes, he is here to be the first cosmetic dentist in Sidcup from our locality.

Academic credentials

After completing his post graduation in dentistry, he took up the super specialty course of oral-maxillofacial surgery. He proved himself as an experienced surgeon in the field and further pursued research in the field of facial cosmetics and cosmetic regeneration. He has over 30 research papers published in renowned medical journals of high impact factor. He plans to continue his research besides being a cosmetic dentist in Sidcup.

How the event will benefit the citizens

It is one-to-one interaction program where all are invited. The people interested in trying out his dental clinic services can enquire more details regarding the treatments and schedules. He will give a detailed lecture about his plan for Sidcup as well as the new methods of cosmetic treatment. Medical aspirants are free to consult him regarding the prospects in the course, further super specialties available, how good the exposures are and future developments to be expected.

Entry is absolutely free for all the residents of Sidcup. Just don’t forget to carry your identity card for the one-day long program.

Why A Career In Gastroenterology Is A Great Option

The era we live in is surrounded by many problems. On the one hand, where we are stressed about financial issues, on the other, we have major concerns related to our health and well-being. Just how banks, counselors and financial experts handle our economic crisis, doctors and specialists also help us recover from those unfit days. One set of specialists who work thoroughly to keep us hale and hearty as far as digestive issues are concerned are the gastroenterologists.

What do gastroenterologists specialize in?

As we all know, gastroenterology is that branch of medical science that concentrates on stomach and intestine section of our body as well as the ailments related to it. Similarly, gastroenterologists (also called GI doctors) are the specialists who practice in the area of gastroenterology. They have expertise in diagnosing and treating the patients who are impacted by the medical problems affecting digestion and related organs.

The organs these doctors treat include gallbladder, small intestine, colon, bile duct, pancreas, stomach, and others. There is no specific age at which gastroenterological issues emerge in a human body. They can trap a 5-year-old child and even a 70-year-old elderly person. Not only this, the gastroenterologists are capable of helping other doctors and physicians as well in surgeries. They comprise their own crew of doctors and nurses to offer suitable support and treatment.

The basic skills, apart from educational qualifications, required to be a successful and renowned doctor in the field of gastroenterology include self-motivation, discipline, patience, interpersonal skills, in-depth knowledge of the medical discipline, critical analytical skills, commitment, and the ability to make decisions in time. If you possess all these skills and have the passion for studying the science of gastroenterology, you must start preparing for it in time as the scope and competition in this field is immense.

Career as a gastroenterologist and its scope:

The growth in the gastroenterology field has increased tremendously due to rising population as well as increasing demand for professional healthcare services. Gastroenterologists conduct treatments for severe disorders such as diarrhea, weight loss, vomiting, abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, and heartburn. Their prime responsibility revolves around the diagnosis, assessment, treatment and supervision of the disorders affecting the digestive system.

Gastroenterology is indeed considered to be one of the highest-paying jobs in the medical area today. The doctors can even plan to pursue higher studies in the gastroenterology program. Opportunities are open for them in public as well as private hospitals. In this field of medicine, one can definitely find a great job profile in any part of the world.


Is Weight Training Beneficial

If you have been working out for some time, you would have realized how fresh and energized you feel after each session. Once you are comfortable exercising free hand, you can progress to using weights in your regular routine. Adding weights may not seem necessary for you and many have the preconceived notion that weight lifting is only for those who want to build up their muscle mass.

The Benefits Of Training With Weight

Exercising using weights has a number of benefits. If you are not aware of them, here is a list that can convince you to start weight training today:

Fitness – Once you start training with weights, the overall fitness level increases. In addition to improving your capacity to perform tasks and exercises, it increases your capacity to do every other workout. It helps you exercise more intense and longer.

Bone Density – Loss of bone density is something everyone faces as they grow old. The decrease in this bone density is what prevents people from doing many physical activities. With weight training, you can control and reduce this loss, thus staying younger and stronger for longer.

Body Mass – Contrary to general belief that weight training will add body mass, it helps in reducing it too. There are different weighted equipment and techniques that can help you get more toned and leaner in targeted areas of your body. The muscle mass also decreases with age and working out with weights helps in building it up as you age.

Strength – The strength of the muscle tissue, joints, and tendons improve with exercise. This, in turn, enables you to perform better and decreases the risk of injury.

Life Quality – Though one may not realize and think working out will only improve their physical appearance, the overall quality of life will improve. When you train with weights, you are able to do regular work better without much fatigue or injury. The overall quality of life improves and you are more satisfied and happy with yourself.


Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Taking BCAA Supplements

BCAAs are crucial in helping you combat the soreness of muscles after a heavy workout as well as to rebuild the worn out and strained muscles. Here are the mistakes you should not perform while you take a BCAA supplement.

Ignoring the amount of protein you eat:

BCAAs are only supplements. They should in no way prevent you from taking your regular protein rich diet. You should also consume the other protein sources so that your body gets all the essential amino acids in the right blend.

Choosing complex BCAAs with a lot of added ingredients:

Be it to add to the flavor or the taste, some BCAAs come with a lot of added ingredients. These are not the ones that you should be taking. For example, if you find any that come with even traces of added sugars or caffeine, avoid these and go for all natural BCAA powder or capsules.

Focusing on only one amino acid:

Though leucine is the most important among the other amino acids included in most BCAAs, this alone would not help build your muscles. A healthy mix of all the right amino acids is what you need. So, steer clear of those that contain leucine alone.

An improper mix of whey protein and BCAAs:

There are some whey protein mixes in the market that come with BCAAs in them. But not all of them are great. Among the other protein supplements, whey proteins are different. They have a complicated structure in them. Though some protein powders that come with BCAAs mixed in them would be convenient, these are not the best way to consume them. Isolated and free BCAAs that are not bonded with the other protein molecules are the most effective ones.

So, even if you have the best BCAA in the market, make sure that you take it the right way and avoid these common mistakes to get the best results.

What To Look For In A Drug Or Alcohol Rehab Center?

If you are looking for a top rated detox center today, you should take into account several aspects of the rehab center and the treatment methodology before making a choice. You should first discuss the issue of alcohol or drug abuse with the concerned person. Once the person requiring the treatment and the family involved come to terms about the type of treatment required, the search process for the rehab center will be simpler. From the initial stages to the follow-up stages, the whole-hearted involvement of the patient and his family or friends would be required. This starts right from the process of picking the right rehab center for the treatment itself. So how do you know if the rehab center is the right one for the person involved?

First, take the concerned person going through drug addiction or alcoholism to a counselor or a medical expert. The medical expert will help evaluate the current intensity of the situation. Know about the various rehab programs offered and the intensity of the processes followed and the techniques used in the process. There are those that come with crash sessions and involve complete hospitalization. During this period the person would undergo full-fledged counseling and treatment. Then there are shorter programs which involve brief sessions over a long period of time. Meanwhile, the person would also be asked to lead a normal life with his family and friends. Then there are those treatments that might start with attending a few sessions of self-help groups to first become fully self-aware of the scenario. This is the best choice for those with little or no help from the family. The self-help group with strangers going through a similar situation has been known to mentally help the person feel like he is not alone in his journey.